Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arron Butler’s 10 Rules of Rowing

As our mighty Racer Rowers return from a well-deserved spring break, we turn now our attention to the 2012 sprint season. With the challenges of intercollegiate competition ahead, alumnus Arron Butler (class of 2009, currently on assignment in Afghanistan) wants our varsity brothers and sisters to remember the following—in a universe of infinite possibility, even when times are at their worse, there remain constants that will always guide the way. Never forget, Arron Butler’s 10 Rules of Rowing:

1. Give up all hope

2. Hurry up and wait

3. Never speak an honest word (i.e., never trust James Donahoe)

4. It is always your fault

5. It is always cold

6. Gloves are for pussies

7. Coxwains have it easy

8. Prego’s pissed

9. There are no cancellations, only delays

10. The rain that falls falls against you

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