Monday, March 5, 2012

For Our Landlocked Friends

No river? No lake? Has a drought turned your favorite spot to launch into a muddy hole? Has your career taken you someplace flat and waterless? Someplace that’s frozen? Stuck in a dry county?....Not “Murray Dry,” but dry as in lacking a place to row. Do you love the thrill of rowing but miss the possibility of being mangled by passing traffic?

Look no further than the Kontech Design “Rowing Bicycle.” What is it? Well, it’s like a rowing ergometer mounted on a recumbent bicycle frame; combining the most unappealing aspects of cycling and rowing in a vehicle that—like the Chevrolet Corvair—is probably unsafe at any speed. The dangers of this thing might be excusable if it were fun to ride; however, watch the video. To say this looks "fun" would require a serious reconsideration of what the word means.

If their website is to be believed, the Kontech Design Rowing Bicycle has been for sale for over a decade! In the fall of 1998, a few guys on the men’s club saw an infomercial for this on a cable access channel. As I recall, we talked about seeing the commercial during an evening land practice in the weight room at Stewart Stadium.

For only $2,249.00, you could be the only kid on your block (or in your state for that matter) to own a rowing bicycle! Any takers?

THE ROWING BICYCLE CHALLENGE: A shiny copper penny will be presented to the individual (or individuals) who can capture new footage of a rowing bicycle in action wherever you may live.

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