Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kenlake Resort: Spring Break, 1999

It was the first full year that the Men’s and Women’s teams were split. For the first two seasons, the team went to Natchitoches, Louisiana for a week of spring break training. However, this time the men’s team stayed behind to train closer to home; holding land practices at Cherokee Park and rowing through mid-March snow flurries. Probably a greater character-building experience compared to spending a week in a warmer, southern climate.

The team occupied a cabin at the Kenlake Resort for the week. We stocked up on groceries and made extensive use of the kitchen each night—each taking turns preparing meals for about 20. This was a good time.

In the above photo, (left to right) Brian, Tom, Pat, myself, and Robin are playing one of the team-building games that coach Freudenburg, had planned for us. We were given the names of our teammates and asked to impersonate them. Brian is impersonating me—I let him burrow my glasses. Tom is impersonating Brian—he is wearing Brian’s signature L.A. Gear sweatshirt and performing Brian's pre-race, warm up contortions. I’m impersonating Jason (not pictured)—being dodgy and mysterious. If anyone can remember who Pat and Robin were impersonating that night, please comment below.

After we played this game, Robin and I played Eagles songs on guitars. Was Noah there? If so, maybe he had his guitar too—although I can’t remember him playing anything so musically pedestrian as the Eagles. Later still, some of us drank beer on the patio. It was quite cold. My final recollection from this evening was listening to a guy named Bob attempt to convince some of us that he could channel electrical energy through his body and perform feats of telekinesis. Yeah….Bob was a character.

A good spring break story? Or, the best spring break story ever?

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