Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lensey (Edwards) Medley Looks Back

When I saw that “MSU Crew” meeting sign posted at Regents Hall on move-in day of Freshman year, I knew I had found my calling.  Because (a) it was a sport and (b) it meant I’d be spending every day at the lake.  And I love the lake (and sports)!  Yes, that is really why I joined the team.  Little did I know, I was about to embark on the biggest adventure of my college life, where I would push myself farther than I ever thought possible and make lifelong friends along the way.  I rowed for 3 wonderful years, but a shoulder injury kept me from completing my 4th and final year.  Stupid shoulder.
When I think of my years on the rowing team, many things come to mind: man hands, ridiculous blisters, sweaty-dead-fish smells, threatening to beat the coxswain with my oar, pulled butt muscle, Ergs, stupid stroke rates, power 10’s every time someone dies in Predator, crabs, “rowing through adversity” (Jenny’s excuse for making us row in ridiculous conditions), Coach Bill’s foghorn, awesome trips in the university vans, freezing to death in a sinking boat, slippery docks and heavy boats, bagels and bananas and granola bars and Gatorade (all you need to survive if you’re a rower), always packing extra clothes, winter and spring training regime consisting of eat/row/eat/sleep/row/eat/sleep (in that order), stadiums, land workouts in Racer Arena, taking gold at SIRA in the Novice 4+, thinking I was going to die in the boat (multiple times), and many, many more.  But most importantly, all these memories were made with my very best friends.  God bless Murray State Rowing!
Editor's Note:  That's SIRA Champion Lensey Medley, 2nd from left.  RRS wonders what's up with the head gear that year?!


  1. Who else is in the picture? Correct me if I'm wrong--from left to right it's Jackie, Lensey, Christine(?), Rachel, and...I'm drawing a total blank on the far right.

    1. In the middle is Tank (nicole brandt) and far right is Kristin Purdy

    2. Candace Wallace, Lendsey Edwards, Nicole Brandt, Rachel Brown and Kristin Slater. This photo is of the SIRA Championship womens 4 man boat. This was the First time ever in Murray state womens rowing history to ever win a championship. As the years go by I am a little foggy if Kristin was in the winning boat. For some reason I am thinking she didnt get to be in our boat and Mariah Connaughty was. I am getting so old.