Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alumni Train for Homecoming Cup

Homecoming is just over 100 days away! Are you getting into shape? Make plans to be in Murray over the weekend of October 12-14th for the 9th annual Homecoming Cup Regatta and follow The Racer Rowing Society for important news and announcements.

Have you got a crew or story to share? Contact the moderators.


  1. I'm not bragging—but I'm riding my bike and (check this out!) running. Oh yeah! I've not run in like 10 years...and even 10 years ago, it was a stretch to say that my spastic bodily movements actually counted as running. But hey—there’s usually a damn good reason why many of us took on rowing instead of track and field.

    1. keep up the good work. i'm already excited about homecoming

  2. Is there less Moode to love?! Keep it up, man. I saw Gilkey the other day and he looks to be keeping up his manly figure. We discussed the possibility of putting together an alumni boat at Hooch this year.