Thursday, December 13, 2012

And... we're back!

Hello Everyone!

It's been about a month or so since we last had a post here on the site. Coach Weaver had left us with some concluding thoughts about this year's fall season, which is something we should all be very excited about. 19 medals (20 if you count the Dragon Boat race) in one season - it sure is something great, isn't it?

Not only have some big things been happening in the realm of the actual team, but some significant changes have happened on the alumni side of things, mostly in regards to this site. I'd like to tell you about what's happened so far.

First off, I'm your newest moderator. For those I haven't met at Homecoming yet, my name is Steve Goeller. I'm one of the newest (in addition to Katie Farmer, Steve Irvan, and Paige Graves) alumni from the team. I graduated this spring after a full four years of rowing, which was capped off with a one year tenure as President.

Secondly, as moderator, I've been... given the keys to this virtual boathouse. I'm looking forward to helping bring together all of these stories that all of us have. Whether they be good or bad (sans Clemson Massacre), I'm excited to start working at putting those stories here, in one place.

Sometimes writer's block is a problem. 

I'm also excited to kick-start this websites expansion into other areas as well. It's my privilege to announce that The Racer Rowing Society now has a Twitter! So follow us at @racerrowsociety today! Not only have we expanded to Twitter, but I'm also looking to reignite the "I Support Murray State Rowing" and use that as a general platform we can promote both the Society and the Varsity on.

Aside from that, we also have a centralized email address that you can send stories and photos to: - so send us what you have! We'll put it up!

I'm really looking forward to helping out this site and also getting to know you all whether it be through the stories you send in, or at the next homecoming!

All the Best,


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  1. [Michael awkwardly shuffles in his seat and holds back a half-joking rant about Slim usurping him....starts working on a 6-page e-mail to Lavit about blaspheming the ancient and mighty Crew Gods, how we'll never see the Village Elders of Epoch One ever again, and how it's time for him and Coach Weaver to open THE BLACK ENVELOPE]