Monday, February 4, 2013

Alumni Compete at TN Indoors

During this Groundhogs Day, two alums came out and competed with the Varsity at TN Indoors. Having entered into the 30 minute recreational row, alums Dan Lavit and Steve Goeller completed the endurance test of the year. With this showing, the Society helped the varsity round out the entries at Indoors; Murray was represented in all but one event, the "Never Ever Women's Open".

Lavit finished in a strong second, also achieving a personal record in the 30 minute piece. Goeller followed up in fourth place, meeting his personal goals for Indoors. Both won a t-shirt for their efforts.

** Originally, this was to be titled "Suck it, Moode." - but we felt that he may have found that in poor taste.

Lavit and Goeller with their awards. 


  1. Like Race Bobby said, "If you ain't first you're last." But seriously guys, I'm really glad that you went and competed (see the sincerity? I didn't put "competed" in quotation marks...."recreational row.")

    Find me a job within a few hours drive of Chattvegas and you can count on me rowing with you guys next year.

    How many alumni do we need to enter a team for the relay?

  2. Eight people for the relay, I think. It would be nice to have more Racer Rowing Society members to compete in the Masters events or Dirty 30 (sounds better than "Recreational Row").

  3. Dirty Thirty sounds MUCH better than Recreational Row. Just seeing the name made me immediately want to sing up for next year. I house you!