Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Racer Rowing Dominates TN Indoors

The Team at 2013 TN Indoors

President Jones and Coach Neeley with the Team Point Trophy
Last Saturday, Racer Rowing had a dominating presence at the annual Tennessee Indoors, slaughtering all competition. They left Chattanooga with a total of 25 medals, having 11 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronzes. The team won over two thirds of the medals they were entered for. The next highest medal count was held by UTC, which had a grand total of 6. This also resulted in Murray’s first Indoors Team Point Trophy, which is now proudly displayed amongst the other trophies our team holds.

Coach Neeley was very satisfied with the results of the race. “We couldn’t have done any better. Initially I was trying to stay grounded and yet optimistic, so I figured we would win about 13 medals. The team destroyed my expectations and went above and beyond.”. Inquiring about the lead up to Indoors, Coach commented that “…[they] did what they were told to do. They went through two hell weeks prior to this, hauled ass, and it paid off.” He continued, stating that “This weekend was great, but Indoors does not mean we win Nationals. We have a long way to go.”

Women’s Captain Kelsey Greene was also positive about the team after Indoors. “Everyone has been motivating each other over these past few weeks, which is something I’m happy about. It’s a good way to start the year.”

The team also set some personal records this record as well. To start, not only did the Lightweight Women sweep their event, but they are also the first group of women from Murray to compete in the event. Varsity Woman Danielle Eichelberger, one of those three, said that it was “…exciting to set the bar for the lightweight women.” In the overall women's times, Varsity Meagan Moffat set the women’s overall record for Indoors with a time of 7:29.3 (1:52.3 split), beating Allie France’s last year record of 7:41.7. Novice Reecie Herron followed up with a new second place record of 7:39.1 (1:54.7 split). For the men, Novice Greg Cheij set a new men’s overall record with a 6:32.5 (1:38.1 split), which places him at third overall, behind James Donahoe’s record times of 6:30.5 in 2009 and 6:32.3 in 2008, and bumping Rob Montague’s 2009 time of 6:32.6 down to fourth place.

Listed below are the individual times for the medalists with their photos. The alumni would like to congratulate them on their successes at Indoors, and we are looking forward to seeing them during this year’s spring season.

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  1. Great Story, Steve--I love the pictures. This is the kind of coverage of Rowing events that I always had hoped would appear on the site. Keep up the great work!