Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy 1-Year Anniversary to The Racer Rowing Society Blog

Michael Moode: Contributing Moderator, March 2013, Austin, TX

A little over a year ago, a group of Murray State alumni put their heads together to realize an idea: To create a blog that celebrates the stories—both old and new—of Racer Rowing. Now, with over 8,000 views and an associated Facebook group with over 160 members, the RRS keeps family, friends, and alumni informed about Racer Rowing news and events; contributing to the strong ties among members of our community.

Please join me in thanking our contributing moderators: Shannon Gilkey, Steven Goeller, and Dan Lavit. A very special thanks to Coaches Matt Weaver and Colin Neeley for taking the time to give us the occasional inside scoop on how the team is doing. A very very special thanks to contributing moderator and the site’s designer, Joe Kayse, for getting this project off the ground.

If you are alumni or an active, senior member of Racer Rowing; and you would like to be involved in creating content for the site (e.g., telling a story, sharing a photo, organizing an event, or helping with fundraising), please contact us. We’d love to have more stories on the site that represent the diverse experiences of our growing community—especially as we look to 2016 and Racer Rowing’s 20-year anniversary!

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  1. We need female moderators and contributors. I'm growing tired of the white, male perspective.