Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ACRA update

Hello RRS,

Few updates as we near ACRA:
  • The team safely arrived in Gainsville, GA and practice has resumed.  Few crews are here this early (Notre Dame, Virginia, UNC, New Hampshire) allowing us a peaceful row out.
  • Beginning in 2011, we made the push to make the 8's our priority boats.  We started with a Women's Novice 8 last year, and now have grown to a WN8, WV8, and MN8.  At ACRA, each coach who has entered an 8 "seeds" the field which then determines  lane assignment and heat.  Our WV8 received a seed of 10 out of 12.  MN8, 16 out of 17.  And WN8 a 3 seed out of 7.  We are most definitely expecting better results from our WV8 and MN8 than our seed depicts!
  • Several athletes were nominated for the All-ACRA South Region Team and All-ACRA Freshman Boat.  Results of the nominations will be announced at the conclusion of racing on Saturday.  Stay tuned for those. 
  • The Murray State coaches were nominated for ACRA South Region Women's Coach of the Year.  Other nominees were FSU, Emory, and Florida. 

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