Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ways You Can Help: A Plea From Coach Weaver

                                                              Coach Weaver can't fish
Hello RRS,
This past spring semester, the team embarked on a fundraising effort to help offset the cost of dues.  Each athlete provided our fundraising chair with addresses of parents and family friends and a letter was sent describing our needs as a team.  The support was great, and through generous donations our team raised over 6,000 dollars.  With the increase in numbers on the team, each semester becomes more expensive (increase in race fees, more gas for transportation, more hotel rooms, more wear and tear on equipment, etc…).  Our operation cost for the spring semester alone was around $20,000. 
Although we are in the off-season, the Fall will be upon us soon.  After targeting family and friends, we are now asking the Alums to join in our effort to rebuild our equipment and to keep dues as low as possible for our athletes.  Over the years, we have been robbing Peter to pay Paul.  When something breaks we steal from another boat so we can keep moving on.  Now we need to replace those parts and get our entire fleet back on the water with the growing numbers of the team. 

Provided below is a list of our needs as we enter our 18th year as a program:

Gangway for dock and cost to install:  $5,000
Replacement parts for boats
            -           Carbon Foot Stretchers: $1,500
            -           Shoe Plates:                 $140
            -           Seats:                           $1,150
            -           Fin:                              $70
            -           Boat slings:                  $300
            -           Misc Hardware            $50
            -           Rigger Bags:                $660
            -           Shoes:                          $1,400
           -           Sculling Blades             $1,600
            -           Monitors                      $1,000
Our big dream would be to get two more 4+’s in the house.  Our current 4+’s are lightweight hulls that do not fit our men’s program.  Additionally, our growing team needs these 4+’s when we compete at SIRA and ACRA next year.  We will most likely have varsity 8+ and 4+’s for men and women, plus novice 4+’s. 
Your help is needed so we can meet our needs as we enter the Fall.  Here is the link to information about donating to the team:  http://www.murraystaterowing.com/#/support/4540711506

Thank you for your support and keep in touch! 


  1. A $12870 goal? Seems reasonable. Alums--let's make this happen before homecoming.

  2. Donations are tax deductible-yes? Please provide the EIN. Many thanks.