Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alumni Reclaim Cup, Homecoming 2013

Alumni 2013: Carter, Sarah, James, Colin, Steve, Michael, Lori, Allen, & Colin
Racer Rowing Alumni defeated varsity squads to take back the Sarah Marshall** Homecoming Cup during last weekend’s festivities. 

In response to poor alumni turnout for this year’s event, it was agreed that the race for the Homecoming Cup would be a 500m, best-of-3 contest between mixed boats.

In the first heat, the Alumni took an early lead with an effective start followed by an aggressive power 10. The race concluded with the alumni ahead of two varsity squads by at least a full boat length. In the second heat, the alumni and Varsity A squads were evenly locked in a tight battle over the first half of the course. However, in the final stretch of the sprint, Alumni pulled ahead of the Varsity to cross the finish line, securing a victory for the day.

The Alumni boat—which did not substitute any rowers between the first and second heats (something that hasn’t happened in recent memory)—was coxed by Carter Jones. Rowers were Sarah Bullock (stroke), James Donahoe; Colin Horwood; Steve Goeller; Michael Moode; Lori Craven; Alan Besand; and Colin Neeley.

About half a dozen Racer Rowing Alumni were on hand to watch the race—Thank you for your support! We hope that you’ll be up to racing next year. Thanks Racer Rowing for hosting us to an enjoyable weekend!

**As punishment for his absence from this year’s event, Dan Lavit’s name was removed from the Homecoming Cup trophy and replaced with the name of the team’s new assistant coach Sarah Marshall. Sarah is a clear asset to the program; it was a pleasure to make her acquaintance. 

Alumni vs. Varsity Race for the Homecoming Cup, 2013; heat #2

Varsity, Novice & Alumni, 2013
Rob Canning presents the Sarah Marshall Homecoming Cup to Alumni captains Sarah Bullock and Todd Wilson

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