Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Assemble Your Crew!

As homecoming nears, so does my excitement.  This is, no doubt, my favorite weekend of the year.  I have just realized, though, that I take my attendance at homecoming for granted.  Without ever leaving Murray and because I coach, it is a no-brainer that I will be there.  I do realize that those out of town must make arrangements and fitting this weekend into their work schedules is difficult at times.

But I don't think that is the big reason people decide not to attend.  After talking with several alums, it seems the real reason people choose to skip years is that they are unsure whether their fellow crew-mates will attend.
I hope Karen and her group can make it!
So here's my charge to you: Get on the phone, the Facebook, and the snail-mail and round up your boat and make it happen.  Would I come to homecoming if I knew no one from my generation would be there?  Probably not.  But I do know that I would be more likely to come if my friends convinced me that they were coming too!  

So work your magic, the team wants a great turnout this year to show off how we've grown in terms of numbers and accomplishments.


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