Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Complete Collection of Team Photos

I'm hopeful this task can be completed ahead of Homecoming this year (Oct 10). If it can't be finished by then, we should do this before our 20th anniversary. I want us to have--to the extent possible--a comprehensive collection of our team's group photos. Team photos have been taken at most races...But visual records of some teams are harder to find than others (especially in the post-film/pre-Facebook years). Please help me gather a complete collection of photos that provides a visual record of everyone who has been a rower at MSU. If we can gather at least one group photo from every year (one that includes all members: men and women/novice and varsity), I'll get these printed out and put in a special place in the boathouse.

Please send me a message in Facebook (Michael Moode) if you have photos that can be used. Let me know when the photo was taken, where, and (as best as you can recall) who is in the photo. Thanks!


Generation I (1996-1997)

Generation II (1997-1998)

Generation III (19981999)

Generation IV (1999-2000)

Generation V (2000-2001)

Generation VI (2001-2002)

Generation VII (2002-2003)
Generation VIII (2003-2004)

Generation IX (2004-2005)
Generation X (2005-2006)
Generation XI (2006-2007)

Generation XII (2007-2008)

Generation XIII (2008-2009)

Generation XIV (2009-2010)

When was this taken?

Generation XV (2010-2011)

Generation XVI (2011-2012)

Generation XVII (2012-2013)

Generation XVIII (2013-2014)
Generation XIX (2014-2015)

Generation XX (2015-2016)

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