Friday, September 4, 2015

It's On!


The Racer Rowing Society


The Race For The Homecoming Cup, 2015

Racer Rowing Society will once again face off against last year's winning Tri Rho squad in this year's Race for the Homecoming Cup. This will be the 12th contest between the varsity and alumni since this tradition started in 2002. This event also marks the beginning of Racer Rowing's 19th season since the club's inception in the fall of 1996. Be in Murray from Friday, October 9th to Sunday, October 11th to participate in yet another epic clash in the eternal struggle between age and treachery; and youth and ability. 

Highlights for this year's contest:
  • Prompted by Aaron Sawyer's claims to be the greatest rower of all time, Alumni will vet contenders for this title in a courtroom- / pro-wrestling-type proceeding that will determine mastery of such diverse skills as, erg training, rowing both sides, trailer loading/driving, eboard effectiveness, hosting parties, cataloging and preserving team relics, coining team terminology, songwriting, and overall fashion sense.
  • Women's Alumni will complete at least two heats of our best-of-3 contest--a return their form several years ago when they were easily capable of outrunning all craft on Kentucky Lake (motorized or not).
  • Old friends will make long-overdue appearances to revive precious memories that must be preserved.
  • Various homecoming parties will be invaded and the generational scope of our organization will be further realized as the musical tastes of one epoch baffles and confounds those of another.
  • The Homecoming Cup will be awarded to the victorious team in a laborious and maudlin ritual,  followed by much rejoicing (yay!).
  • Someone will do something outrageous that everyone will talk about in the many years to follow.
Click here for this year's updated race rules. 

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