Below is our "Timeline of Coaches"! In addition to this timeline, we would like to add coaches bio's and stories to this page. Coaches, email us at so we can add more!

Thoughts from the Coaches

Dan Lavit, 1996 to 1998 and 2000 to 2001

Dan Lavit served as the assistant coach during the team’s inaugural seasons (1996-1998) and as the interim head coach for the women’s team in 2000.  He has been the faculty advisor for the club program since 1999.  His favorite memories of coaching are of all the times rowers puked after an erg piece. 

Pat Mulchay, 1999 to 2000

The following is an excerpt from his full post, "Paying it Forward."

My favorite thing about coaching was 'paying it forward.'  I can remember sitting in Coach Freudenburg’s apartment.  The men’s team had amazingly risen from the ashes of The Great Schism thanks to the tremendous coaching efforts of Griffin and Freudenberg.   Thanks to them, we were not only alive but we were competitive.   But we were about to be put to flames again, at the apartment we learned what little budget we had to work with was no longer.  The only thing that remained was the stipend for the coach’s salary.  To coach what??   A recreational jaunt at the lake?  No money for equipment, travel, entry fees, etc.  ……… we were left to die once again.  That’s the night I became coach…… in title.  But really that’s the night where an entire generation of rowers, made a decision like I did to say that this sport, this experience, this team has given us so much………we can’t let it die.   That’s the night 'we' paid it forward. 

Matt Weaver, 2006-Present

At a glance, my favorite moments from coaching thus far both include races at SIRA. In 2008, I got my first SIRA medal while coaching when the Women's Novice 4 took bronze, losing to Tulsa and Oklahoma (D-1 programs). The ladies in that boat were Katie Farmer, Nikki Furmanek, Kelsey Swan, Anna Miget, and Annie Noltemeyer. The other race was our Men's Varisty 4 from 2010 that won Gold. When they crossed the line, it might have been my proudest moment. And since I don't show emotion well, it was probably my most awkward moment as well. Those in that boat included Catilin Dunnagan, William Pregliasco, Steve Irvan, James Donahoe, and Torey Moore. These guys were all business when it came to the water and training...I can only hope that others down the line can be like them.
I was lucky enough to have upper-classman rowers like Adam Weckman, Pat Mulcahy, Todd Wilson, Aik, Alan Besand, Jason Holman, and John Robison (to name a few) show me the way of Rowing. And for this reason, I have continued to coach all these years. I want to provide this unique opportunity to anyone who wants to try rowing just like those older guys did for me.

Thanks for all your support


Colin Neeley, 2010 till Now

Best Memory as coach or rower at Murray state: My favorite memory, so far, has to be at Hobbs island this year. It was the perfect example of how hard work pays off. All fall the varsity had to wake up at the crack of dawn for practice. They didn't like it. They complained, but they always came to work. So, when the time for our first race came they showed up like they did for every practice, and crushed it. The looks on their faces when they came off the water was worth every groggy morning.

What did you like most about coaching at Murray?: I love solving problems, and I see coaching as one big problem. I love figuring out how to make slow people fast. I want to make the fast people the fastest. I love seeing the reaction on the rower's faces when they see the results. There is always work to be done to keep me busy.


  1. I love the "Great Schism" and I will send a bio, although I'm sure it will not be as epic as one Moode could make for me.

  2. We need a name for the Weaver years....Or should we hold off on this? We also need to revisit my idea of naming both the Generations and the Epochs.

  3. Matt--I'm at the forefront of the argument that I've written far too much on this site. Sure it won't be as epic as I could make it...But I'd much rather read your story told in your own words.